Koolong electronics, professional PCB design company
The strongest, most people are "potential people."

More than 500 PCB design engineers
13 domestic branches + 2 overseas divisions
Pre-chip company cooperation
Advanced technology accumulation
Silicon valley advances in technology synchronization
The "new" technology, in the case of komalon, may already be a "mature" technology
Perfect training system, strong communication atmosphere
The company is recognized as the headquarters of the PCB design engineers
On the shoulders of giants, we are all experts

After 13 years of technical accumulation, we have seen more than one.

+ + +
  1. More than 10,000 PCB design experience per year
  2. More than 5000 clients have accumulated reputation
  3. More than 50 of the world's top 500 electronics companies
  4. More than 600 project Debug and consulting experience
  1. The company accumulates more than 800 technical training annually
  2. "Cadence" has become the industry's accepted red book
  3. Per capita industry experience more than 6 years, senior staff 10 to 16 years
  4. LIB、SI、EMC、PCB、VALOR Division of labo

Quality is our "self-esteem"



Perfect design instructions
According to customer and product design summary
First-class training system and training platform
A promotion of a systematized career


Layout, wiring, high speed, heat design、
Structure etc.Check List
Strict quality system and self-examination mechanism


A senior panel of experts in the group has participated in the review
From the principle of design、DFM、DFT、
high speed、EMC、Heat design and other comprehensive gateways

mutual inspection

Check the system of mutual inspection strictly
thorough DFM review process

The rush of customers,Shorten the design period of 3-5

Time To Market
super-large scale:500 Engineer's team effect
Global network:Close service, easy communication
concurrent design:You can provide a number of parallel 7x24 services
Design Reuse:Mature module rule reuse, shorten the period of delivery
The team of seniorProfessional team and senior engineer
120 PCB design experience per person
case:Complete process service for PCB with 20,000 pin sheets in 6 days。
Corresponding physical,Challenge the industry deadline

The best partner for research and development engineers

Our philosophy is a success

Philosophy: one board is successful, one at a time. Reduce research and development and reduce r&d costs
The product quickly got to the market and took the advantage of it

– The process rigor and design specifications are in line with the requirements of the main PCB and assembly manufacturers
– The design parameters are not only suitable for r&d, but also consider the production characteristics
– Self-owned panel factory and patch factory, familiar with all kinds of production parameters