SMT patch

SMT patch refers to a series of process flows based on PCB. It is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. Normally our electronic products are used by the PCB with a variety of capacitors, resistors and other electronic components according to the design of the circuit design and become, so the electrical needs of various SMT of every hue patch of different processing techniques to process。
PCBA is the entire process of the PCB empty board passing through the SMT component and then passing through the DIP plug-in. PCBA patch processing can realize large and high density printed circuit board assembly. PCBA is the most important component of all electronic components。



SMT basic process elements

● Solder paste printing
● Part mount
● Reflow soldering
● Repair
● The board

Our advantage

● Excellent engineering skills: front end engineers and test engineering
● Imports of high-quality raw materials: five thousand solder paste, select the Japanese brand KOKI, tin wire, determined not to use two processing raw materials
● Strictly control the quality level: set up QC before furnace, do bad screening, PCBA100% inspection after furnace
● Improve the service system: efficient service customers, quality and quantity, delivery on time, and constantly exceed customer demand
● Professional quality team: Yong Gao has been a high quality, experienced refining team
● Material quality assurance: check material before checking material on line

Small batch SM machining

Product development completed, ready for the batch production of the product; the first trial production, the number of 101 - SMT processing with supplied samples about 1000 units and material production; including BGA incoming welding processing with single SMT, the whole plate processing; 5 working days generally 3 - in complex (delivery time depends on the circuit board)。

Mass production of SMT processing

For the production of each batch is small, and the need to quickly complete the production of the products, the number of each batch at 1001 5000 Taiwan, we provide the production, undertake incoming sample production; including welding processing with single BGA supplied, the processing of the entire SMT; general 5-7 working days of delivery (complex delivery time to see the circuit board)。 

The machined component

 Processing mode: PCB welding process, lead lead-free SMT processing, plug-in processing, SMD patch, BGA welding, BGA ball, BGA machining, SMD package。 

Product experience

Industrial, consumer, medical, digital, network communications, computer peripherals. For example: mobile phone motherboard, PHS, DVD, MP3, computer motherboards, notebook motherboards, network equipment, instrument board and control board, switches, routers, set-top boxes, digital cameras, printers, etc. all radio communication, covering industrial, consumer, medical, digital, computer peripherals and other electronic products and high-tech card machine processing assembly。 

Production equipment

The new factory workshop equipped with full central air conditioning, air shower, anti-static, constant temperature and humidity warehouse; equipped with the new Fuji XPF, NXT3, import of automatic screen printing machine, ten zone reflow, wave soldering, the first AOI/SPI/XRAY/ intelligent testing instrument,More devices>>


Patch factory: Shenzhen General Factory Location
Location of Shenzhen General Factory
Shenzhen SMT factory: SMT production line
SMT production line
Shanghai SMT branch: SMT production line
Shanghai branch factory
SMT factory: DIP production line
DIPProduction line
Patch factory:Welding line
Rear weld line
Patch factory:Assembly line
Assembly line
Patch factory:Three proof paint automatic spraying production line
Three proof paint automatic spraying production line
Patch factory:X-Ray

Product display

    A SMT factory has accumulated nearly 10000 kinds of board production experience, products involved in communications, computer, medical, military, automotive, banking etc.. Customers include HUAWEI, ZTE, Intel and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad。


SMT patch welding: communication terminal equipment board

Communication terminal equipment mainboard

· Point:1978
· Device type:213species
· PCB size: 282*201mm
· Double reflow + selective wave soldering
· Minimum package size for resistance capacitance sense:04
· Minimum device pin spacing:0.5 mm

SMT patch welding: signal processing board

Signal processing board

· Point:2867
· Device type:143species
· PCB尺寸:233*163 mm
· Reversible reflow + crimping
· Minimum package size for resistance capacitance sense:040
· Minimum device pin spacing:0.5 mm

SMT patch welding: industrial control board

IPC mainboard

· Point:1978
· Device type:213species
· PCB size: 282*201mm
· Double reflow + selective wave soldering
· Minimum package size for resistance capacitance sense:0402
· Minimum device pin spacing:0.5 mm

SMT patch welding:Handheld device board

Handheld device board

· Point:738
· Device type:182species
· PCBsize:162*163 cm
· Double return
· Minimum package size for resistance capacitance sense:0201
· Minimum device pin spacing:0.5 mm