We provide one of the components procurement is from product design principle, structure layout, software development, product testing and processing, to finished one-stop products and services in the important link, can be a good solution to our customers in the procurement of the menace from the rear to create greater value, for you to save a large amount of time and cost of procurement.
The company is located in the China largest and most professional, well-known electronic components supporting the center - Shenzhen Futian District Huaqiang North commercial circle, which made us in the procurement of electronic components has a geographical advantage richly endowed by nature. Our purchasing personnel have been trained rigorously, and have long experience in the purchase of components, and can find special purchasing channels, and quickly complete the purchasing task of all sizes and quantities of components. At the same time the company by the procurement department dedicated Internet Internet of things all day long, can get the latest information and international market information timely and rapidly accurately update processing speed to gain time, time to strive for efficiency, provide the fastest, the best quality service for customers.
The era of prosperity to develop their own advanced to improve the procurement process, ensure the favorable purchase price better materials and ensure material quality and timely delivery, to ensure the validity and practicability of the material procurement contract.
Sourcing component type:
CPLD:MAX II MAX 3000 MAX 7000 MAX 9000
FPGA:FLEX, 10K, FLEX,, ACEX, 1K, APEX, 20K, Cyclone, Cyclone, II, Cyclone, III,, Stratix, Stratix, III, II, Stratix,...
Microcontroller: 8051 structure, AT91 series, ARM AVR8 / AVR32, CAN network, FPSLIC, MARC4, USB controller
Memory: DataFlash, EPROM, Flash, memory, EEPROM, serial FLASH, cascading module (Flash & RAM)
Programmable logic devices: field programmable gate array (FPGA), FPGA configuration memory, SPLD/CPLD
Other analog chips: broadband data converters, power management, customer customization
Newsletter: Bluetooth, C, cellular / infrastructure, telephony chips, GPS Internet applications, and VoIP smart RF WiMAX wireless networks 802.15.4/ZigBee
Automobile and Industry: automobile control, CAN network, industrial control, MARC4, 4-Bit structure, serial EEPROM
Safe and smart card chip: biometric sensor secure memory embedded TPM RFID based on ARM microprocessor AVR secure secure microprocessor RF smart card chip security smart card reader terminal based on other security
Multimedia and images: wireless broadcast, CCD camera, CCD image sensor, CMOS image solution, digital camera solution, Dream audio synthesis, DVD/CD memory chip set, IR control, MP3 player video
Military and aerospace: military and aviation, EPLD military equipment, wideband data converters, high reliability microprocessor, radiation processor
Network storage: data storage network
Maxim U. S. A. /DALLS Dallas
1-Wire iButton analog switch multiplexer data converter (A/D converter, D/A converter, high-speed converter) filter (Analog) clock generator and distributor interface and interconnection display driver power supply hot plug and power switch voltage monitoring circuit, voltage monitor, sorting device protection and isolation of digital potentiometer thermal management, sensors and sensor conditioning amplifier a wireless, radio frequency (RF) communication exchange memory and fiber optic cable and communication carrier and T/E group (NVSRAM)
Micron micron
Dual channel synchronous dynamic random access memory: DDR, DDR2, DDR3, RLDDRAM, synchronous dynamic memory SDRAM
Fully buffered memory module FBDIMM:FBDIMM, MiniDIMM
IPM power module, DIP-IPM power module, ASIPM dedicated power module, IGBT power module, HVIGBT power module, PFC power factor correction module
LPC2000 series 32 bit ARM LPC900 series Flash microcontroller, LPC700 series OTP microcontroller, 80C51 series microcontroller
UART device (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) USB1.1/2.0/HOST/OTG series devices, CAN-bus series of special devices, I2C-bus series devices
Ramtron Rui Chong International
FRAM ferroelectric memory, Ramtron microcontroller, high voltage HVDAC
Sipex company
Power management: amplifier compensation, charge pump, LED driver, low leakage power supply, Blox component, PWM controller, voltage reference monitor, USB virtual bus switch
Interface: multiprotocol RS232, RS422 transceiver, RS485, USB
SST super Czech!
MCU microcontroller combination, stacked ComboMemory memory, parallel Parallel, Flash memory, serial Serial, Flash memory
ST means
Memory: memory system programmable serial EEPROM memory NVRAM nonvolatile memory OTP and UV PSRAM and SRAM EPROM erasable memory serial Flash memory NAND Flash flash memory NOR Flash flash memory embedded type NOR Flash flash memory of mobile terminal NOR Flash flash memory and IC memory RF radio frequency identification
MCU microcontroller: USB family of programmable logic functions, STR7 family, 32 bit microcontroller, ST6, low-end, 8 bit microcontroller, ST7, industry standard, 8 bit micro controller, uPSD
Special series of machine making industry
Other: serial real-time clock, AC switch reset, IC microprocessor monitor, EMI filter and signal conditioning
Data converter: ADC analog to digital converter, DAC digital to analog converter, MicroSystem mixed signal data converter, touch screen controller, CCD imaging analog front end
Interface: 1394 RS-232, RS-485, CAN, UART, LVDS/M-LVDS/ECL/CML, SCSI, terminal and transceiver, display interface, serializer, deserializer, isolator, etc.
Power management: battery management, MOSFET driver, PWM power controller, power factor