Shenzhen city Kemaolong Electronics was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in independent hardware and software development, the design of our professional staff, provide all kinds of high precision PCB copy board, system board, mobile phone PCB copy board, the computer motherboard design PCB PCB copy board, PCB board, PCB, back principle diagram, BOM production list, the prototype of PCB production, PCB production, chip decryption, SMT processing, since the studio to set up, has always been our customers with professional, quality services to welcome every new and old customers and friends.
IC decryption, gathered a group engaged in microelectronics technology development and software engineering IT elite for many years, well aware of the core architecture, all kinds of IC code, code integrity in the chip can be derived, some code can revise according to the customer, so as to realize the function of the original machine supplement, deletion, provide quality service for customers.
PCB production has more than thirty layers of multilayer board, multilevel laser blind buried plate production capacity, mass processing line width from 3mil (0.075mm), 4mil (0.10mm) aperture high precision PCB board, the monthly production capacity of more than 50000 square meters of plywood. Responsible for the coordination of engineering and technical personnel are engaged in the production of PCB PCB production management for many years, can easily handle various engineering problems in PCB production process, and strictly process instructions, finished PCB board inspection, effectively avoid the unnecessary cost and customer loss. Semi - finished products and finished products can be supplied with welding, adjusting and sampling machines, and outsourcing and batch processing services. The prototype welding debugging by our senior hardware engineer and technician, and a professional staff to follow up production tracking the whole batch processing process, the timely processing of various problems in the production process, ensure production quality.
After sales service (technical support), we can answer all kinds of difficult problems of customer cooperation, early consultation and technical support at the end of the cooperation.
The business involves a wide range of fields, such as electronic industry, electronic consumption, electronic commerce, electronic military industry and so on. Almost all electronic products can be covered. Over the years, we have reached a long-term cooperative relationship with our regular customers, and have established good cooperation with new customers. In order to solve all technical problems for customers, and since its establishment, we have won the praise of our customers. We have set up a good market image and reputation for our studio.
development history
Shenzhen city Kemaolong electronics is a technology developed by many experts and research enterprise alliance formed a technical service team, since the formation has been helping the government, research institutions and well-known domestic enterprises copy board to overcome technical problems, we focus on the reverse technology constantly challenges large difficult projects, has become the mainstay of domestic enterprises copy board.
Shenzhen city Kemaolong electronics is reverse the development of professional and technical team is currently the most powerful domestic electronic engineers, gathered a group of unique research capability in reverse technology research and development project to solve difficult and many years of experience, they study in the areas of software and hardware development, computer technology, microelectronics, semiconductor materials, electromechanical integration and industrial automation etc. a variety of disciplines, can quickly judge and solve all the design of electronic products reverse analysis and development problems.
Since the formation of the team, has developed into a set of positive and negative R & D, independent development, design and processing as one of the diversified technical services enterprises. We undertake long-term PCB copy board / board, PCB / reverse reasoning principle chart and PCB model / batch processing, high-speed PCB design, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) design, SI simulation, SMT/PCBA processing, OEM/ODM OEM, BOM batch components supporting the procurement, production, analysis and test, prototype production and function troubleshooting device and module replacement, chip decryption and analytical procedures, IC reverse design, chip failure analysis, chip code point extraction and replication, embedded development, SCM system development, high-end equipment maintenance and construction scheme of custom development cooperation projects, and specializes in all kinds of difficult projects, to help our customers to shorten the development cycle and save development costs, reduce production risk and technical support costs, enhance their competitiveness and profitability.
Relying on strong R & D ability and the unity of elite technical team, with leading technology, perfect products plan and sincere service to customers, the era of prosperity has been successful for a number of research institutions and the copy board company to solve many difficult projects, and maintain a good partnership with well-known research institutions and universities many of the world's 500 strong enterprises, the development of imitation products involved in the military, medical, communications, radar, automobile, test and measurement, radio and television, computer and other fields, so far, there is no project baffled the era of prosperity.
In the continuous technology research on the road, we will continue for the development of China's electronic information industry, the core technology of follow-up and foreign barriers to provide system level solutions and a full range of technical support, project development and efficient operation of enterprise Shenzhen shengshishidai electronic technology limited company to improve the appearance of the new service and sincere you are welcome to consult and discuss various cooperation projects!
Our culture
Cultural resources are the unique and most valuable strategic resources of an enterprise, and the cultural advantages of the enterprise also constitute the competitive advantages and advantages of the enterprise.
Culture is a new theory of modern enterprise management, and it is an inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of enterprises. In order to achieve long-term development, enterprises are more important than any cultural factor.