Not only has Kemaolong electronic components testing, selection of rich experience, through the data query, circuit analysis and other means, can quickly and accurately confirm the components of the model and related parameters, and have a professional level precision measurement equipment, the device is clear and Mark under the premise, can provide complete information, standardized components list for customers (BOM single), save a lot of manpower and cost for customers, speed up product production process.
High standard BOM production services:
1, the coverage rate for currently on the market more than 98% products, we can provide BOM service for your production list, BOM list type we provide include: BOM, EBOM, BOM engineering design program - PBOM, BOM - DBOM, BOM - MBOM BOM manufacturing and maintenance -- WBOM, BOM, CBOM, customer purchase BOM, CBOM, BOM, CBOM, cost of sales of BOM - SBOM, BOM - MBOM production;
2, high efficiency: quick for you to make all kinds of BOM list, do not delay any of your production plan, protect your interests;
3, accuracy: BOM list is the production and management of the main material basis, we guarantee to do 100% accurate for you.
Bill Of Material, or BOM, simply defines the form that records the material needed for the composition of the product". It is not only a technical document, but also a management document. It is the link between the departments and the communication department.
The BOM form is used specifically as:
1, computer identification of material basis.
2, is the basis for the preparation of plans.
3, is the basis and supporting material.
4, according to its processing process tracking.
5, it is the basis of purchasing and outsourcing.
6. Calculate the cost according to it.
7, can be used as quotation reference.
8, material traceability.
9, make the design seriation, standardization and generalization.