Introduction of slab mill

Shenzhen city Kemaolong Electronics Co. Ltd.Founded in 2004,Is a company specializing in the production of small and medium-sized Allegro and model enterprises,With 16000 square meters of factory buildings, with the production of high blind multilayer, 32 layer below the buried plate, flex plate, mixed plate, thick copper plate, no halogen, high frequency board, metal substrate, buried passive element plate ability and other kinds of difficult board, the monthly production capacity of 30000 square meters, the monthly production of 8000 varieties a。 Learn more

Product range

● Number of plies: 2-32 ply board(Rigidity)
● Material range: FR-4 (including high Tg, high CTE), high frequency materials, metal based materials, embedded passive component materials
● Surface treatment range: hot air leveling, chemical nickel, gold, chemical tin, chemical silver, surface oxidation resistance, plug plating

Machining characteristic range

● Blind hole / hole plate and characteristic impedance control board
● HDI board, copper plate, circuit board
● Hard and soft composite plates, high frequency materials and FR4 multilayer laminates
● Embedded passive component board, metal substrate

Application range

● Communication and communication, industrial control equipment
● Computers and peripherals, automotive electronics
● Medical equipment, power supply
● Aerospace, consumer electronics

Process capability

project Processing capacity
The number of 1-32
Sheet type FR-4, metal matrix plate, high frequency high speed material, etc. 
Maximum size 520mm X1200mm
Overall dimension accuracy ±0.1mm
Plate thickness range 0.20mm--10.00mm
Tolerance of Board Thickness ( t≥0.8mm) ±8%
Tolerance of Board Thickness ( t<0.8mm) ±0.08mm
Medium thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm
Minimum line width / spacing 0.0635mm
Inner / outer copper thickness 12um--420um
Aperture tolerance ±0.075mm
Plate thickness to aperture ratio 13:1
Solder resist type Photosensitive ink
Finished aperture 0.10mm--6.30mm
Impedance tolerance 50Ω以下(含)±5Ω,50Ω以上±10%
Surface treatment type Spray tin (lead and lead free), gold, tin, silver, palladium nickel, OSP gold finger

Production cycle

Plate type Conventional delivery
Double sided plate 5 days
4 plate 5 days
6 plate 6 days
8 plate 8 days
10 plate 10 days
12 plate 12 days
14 plate 14 days
16 plate Specific requirements

Production equipment

Drilling rig
Drilling rig
X-RAYtarget machine
X-RAYtarget machine
Inner layer etching contraposition automatic punching machine
automatic punching machine
High speed flying needle machine
High speed flying needle machine
Automatic testing machine
Automatic testing machine
 Developing machine
Developing machine
 scrubbing machine
scrubbing machine
Automatic packaging machine
Automatic packaging machine

Product display

Flex board


14 layer thick copper plate

18 layer mixing plate

Double sided high frequency plate

12 layer golden board

12 layer buried blind plate

4 layers of thick copper block power protection plate