Component supply

  Components procurement is PCB reverse technology research, product generic development as well as a key link in the process of prototype production, flourishing age provides complete components procurement service network consists of hundreds of manufacturers of tens of thousands of kinds of parts purchasing...
  Shenzhen alum long electronic co., LTD is located in China's largest distribution center for electronic components - shenzhen huaqiang north commercial circle, can be convenient and quick understanding of the various components of market supply and demand information, find out a source at the fastest speed, and can also fully compares with multiple vendors to choose better quality, better service vendors, ensure that components purchasing efficiently with high quality and timely delivery。
  For better service to customers, we specially equipped with a complete, experienced talent sourcing team, all our procurement staff through rigorous training, and accurate judgment and recognition of components has unique advantages, not only can find rapidly special procurement channels, components of each size batch purchasing task, and reduce the time delay purchasing, ensure the delivery project in the shortest possible period。

Supply chain team

More than 50 supply chain teams
Management experience in material purchasing management for more than 10 years
Complete organizational structure: project department, engineering department, purchasing department, quality department, customs clearance department
Professional component certified engineer
Professional BOM engineer

The 1600 - square - meter resistance RongCang


quality control( QC )


Component supply advantage

采购时间 Quick response mechanism
Permanent resistance capacitance, inductor magnetic bead connector
Regular research and development purchase, within two weeks
物料采购品质控制 Professional component authentication engineer
Perfect IQC inspection system
Assist to improve customer BOM accuracy
物料代购 Buy and sell, solve the problem of research and development
Professional supply chain team support
We can also enjoy VIP customer service
物料采购品质控制 Strict supplier audit mechanism
Primary and primary agent
Annual supplier audit mechanism
物料管理 1, 600 square meters of central warehouse
Temperature and humidity control, advanced first out mechanism