- maintenance brief -

The company with a sincere heart to customers are thinking, anxious customers, serve every single business, has experienced maintenance engineers, with high-tech and advanced test equipment maintenance, good service guarantee in the eyes of consumers to erect a good corporate image. The company has repaired many different circuit boards and control boards for many enterprises, and solved the technical problems of production lines for many units, saving valuable time and saving a lot of money. In line with the tenet of "keep improving", we strive to improve maintenance technology, expand testing methods, enrich maintenance experience and update testing equipment. Our maintenance has the advantages of high repair rate, reasonable price, short cycle, no circuit diagram and so on, and has repaired different types of circuit board controllers for many enterprises. If you have any controller on the equipment that needs servicing. Contact our company at any time.

Industrial control circuit board damage is usually a component damage, may be a chip, a capacitor, or even a small resistance, the maintenance process is to find the damaged components to be replaced. This seemingly simple, but actually need profound knowledge, rich experience and necessary expensive testing equipment, in particular to quickly find the fault components, in addition to experience outside the more requirements of maintenance engineers have quick thinking and analytical judgment.

In fact, most industrial circuit boards can be maintained in the country, and as long as you do not spend less than 1/3 of the cost, less than 1/3 of time, our professional maintenance engineers can help you solve the problem.

Many circuit board maintenance companies rely heavily on circuit board online maintenance testers, and may solder many chips on the circuit board, each of which is tested until the damaged chips are found. We only have circuit board on-line maintenance tester, but this maintenance method is not recommended. We strive to treat the work of maintenance of circuit board control from a theoretical perspective, we believe that the excellent maintenance technology of circuit analysis, automatic control, mechanical principle, probability and statistics, computer principle and software synthesis of knowledge, so we require employees is not only a repair, is a designer, the designer to make maintenance intention nature can try to figure out other designers, shot can point to point! Such maintenance engineers can not only quickly repair the board, but also can judge the fault, and some improvement suggestions are given to design defects. Such a maintenance engineer, a top ten, is our company's precious wealth!

Service process ---

First, after receiving the customer maintenance machine or the card request, inquired the breakdown situation, in order to determine the breakdown reason, and makes the preliminary quoted price;

Two, the customer sent to the maintenance of the machine or board to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to determine the failure, to provide customers with test reports and reported to the official maintenance price; confirmed by the customer after the offer maintenance;

Three. The maintenance includes excluding the known faults, replacing the aging and damaged components, and thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the inside and outside of the whole machine.

Four, after the repair of the equipment simulation load test, after the completion of the return to customers, customers on the whole machine for field testing.

Five, we can provide on-site maintenance services according to user requests; for customers around Shenzhen, according to the situation, we can provide on-site delivery service.

Scope of service ---

The knowledge of electronic circuits, mechanical principle, automatic control knowledge and computer knowledge to our knowledge base maintenance engineers required for automation, application of all walks of life are the same, so the scope of our maintenance of the circuit board is not limited by industry from the industrial product category restrictions are not subject to the restrictions of brand. The process of our maintenance is to find out the damaged parts and replace them. In general, if there is no joint damage between components, to find 1 damaged components, more than 95% of the probability, you can fix the plate.

The following are the products we can provide for circuit board maintenance:
General products by industry
Inverter maintenance: MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), Yaskawa (Yaskawa), SIEMENS (Siemens), Schneider (Schneider), Delta (Delta), Sanken (Sanken), Taian (T-verter), Fuji (Fuji), Matsushita (Panasonic), AB, ABB, KEB, CT, Emerson, Danfoss (Danfoss) and other countries adjust the frequency converter and software.
PLC maintenance: OMRON (OMRON), MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, Matsushita, AB, Taian, Fuji series PLC programming, error correction, replication and hardware maintenance.
Each brand AC servo control drive, encoder, DC speed governor maintenance
All kinds of industrial switching power supply and power control panel, laser power supply, large-scale UPS maintenance
All kinds of industrial computer motherboards and control boards, monitors, touch-screen and other human-computer interface maintenance
Plotter, engraving machine, inkjet printer, printer maintenance
Electronic manufacturing industry
Circuit board (PCB) enterprise of all equipment (such as drilling machines, gongs machine, exposure machine, etc.) on the electronic circuit control board, CPU board, signal board, amplifier, I/O board, laser sensors, touch screen, all kinds of special display, etc.. All electronic circuit control boards and servo controllers on SMT and SMD devices.
Machining industry
Various brands of machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, CNC drilling machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC laser cutting machine, automatic welding machine, CNC CNC, EDM machine, wire cutting machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector X, AC / DC drive.
FANUC System (FANUC), SIEMENS (Siemens), MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), Amada (AMADA) system, Da Yu (DAWOOD) system.
Servo controller, encoder, air compressor control board, remote control device for imported crane.
Elevator industry
MITSUBISHI, Hitachi, Toshiba, Tongli, wyson S series, SIEMENS, Otis (OTIS), SANYO and other brands of elevator door machine board, control board, display board, floor screen, elevator drive etc..
Textile dyeing and finishing industry
Saurer (Sura), KarlMayer (Carle Mayer), Sultex (Su Ershou), Truetzschler (Te Luth Le), Sima, Hirono, Stoll, Jing island and other European and Japanese imports of textile equipment, textile equipment, knitting equipment, circuit boards, computer board, driver etc..
Germany, Italy, Switzerland import and export dyeing machinery control panel
Tajima, Behringer, Hao, around the beauty, rainbow and other various computer embroidery machine circuit board.
Medical pharmaceutical industry
Monitor, control box, CT ultrasound, electrocardiogram (EEG) tester; blood dialysis machine, optometry machine, gearbox, differential pressure flowmeter, dental treatment instrument, X machine, Slide Show instrument; medical diagnostic X ray machine, computer controlled cooling apparatus, monitor, display, slicing machine, temperature control instrument; large washing machine, dry cleaning decocting machine, automatic gastric lavage machine, dental efficient processing machines; eliasa, counter, blood analyzer, dynamic detection of glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer, magnetic separation enzyme immunoassay quantitative analysis, field thermotherapy machine; computer bone trauma therapeutic instrument, blood coagulation analyzer, the sharp Madain holmium laser, X-ray angiography, X medical X ray camera machine, crusher, osmotic pressure meter, infrared thermal imager, flow control instrument; X-ray machine, EEG, dehydrator, EEG, instrument, automatic blood cell analyzer; surgery, Computer integrated measuring instrument, APC, breathing apparatus, line electromyography, EMG evoked potential instrument, simulation localization machine in Japan; pulmonary function test apparatus, scanner, thermal spray moxibustion instrument; computer uterine distention machine, automatic pneumoperitoneum machine; medical freezer, refrigerator etc..
Pharmaceutical industry production equipment, production lines, testing instruments, circuit boards.
Publishing and printing industry
Screen, the sword of God, Longba, De Bao, Fuji and other brands of Tianma Laser Phototypesetting, proofing, automatic plate punching machine, drying machine; Heidelberg, Roland, KOMORI, Ming Liang, Tian bin, Akiyama, Qiao Ben, MITSUBISHI and other brands of printing machine, printing machine, printing machine, rotary machine; Kuwait Ma Tianni, Starr, Yoshino and other brands of horse riding, folding machine, binding machine, cutting machine, sewing machine, bronzing equipment control plate; laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine.
Paper and packaging industry
All kinds of automatic paper making equipment control board, automatic corrugated cardboard box (box) production line, automatic paper feeding glue machine, computer three side sealing bag machine, high-speed automatic paste box machine.
Chemical industry
Power driver, temperature controller, recorder, canned machine, flowmeter, differential pressure transmitter, large boiler control system, circuit board.
A variety of large drives, DC drives, AC servo drives, process control, import complete sets of equipment, circuit boards.
Food industry
Metering control board sterilization homogenizer, machine, labeling machine, machine, machine, canning canning machine; flow control device, electronic display board, sugar display instrument, sealing machine and packaging machine; large oven, coffee machine, power driver.
Tire industry
Steel belt production line, double extruder, inner liner production line, steel rolling machine, steel cord cutting machine, mixer, heavy steel forming machine, a dual-mode vulcanizing machine, automatic injection molding machine, rubber extruder, granulator, coating equipment etc..
Plastics industry
Kawaguchi, Toshiba, NISSEI, Nippon Steel, Sumitomo, Baoyuan, elite, Zhenxiong, Chun, Hang Seng, Hua, Haitian, Li Jing, Ren Xing brands such as injection molding machine.
Automatic plastic forming machine, ultrasonic welding machine, high frequency (high frequency) plastic welding machine, manipulator control board.
Automotive, infrastructure and warehousing industry
Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Volvo and other car control circuit board, Komatsu, Hitachi, Nissan and other brands of excavator, forklift control board.
Power generation industry
Cummings, SIEMENS, Rolls-Royce, regal and other brands of generator control panels, grid control panels.
Entertainment industry
Program-controlled switches, large dry cleaning (washing) machine, ice machine, treadmill, hookah cover, water heater, far rowing training, global large screen monitor, the dimmer, central air-conditioning, fire control board, control board, water power drive, bowling equipment, sauna equipment.
Light industry
(food) control board, can machine flow control instrument, large oven, sealing machine, control system circuit board automatic food production line (clothing), MITSUBISHI machine, computer embroidery machine control panel etc.. (Woodworking) automatic single chip (multi piece) vertical sawing machine, all kinds of numerical control woodworking machinery circuit boards, etc.. (chemical) differential pressure transmitter, large boiler, etc..