PCB professional vocabulary translation

source:Kemaolong electron time:2017-05-17
1. Printed circuit: printed circuit
2, printed wiring: printed wiring
3. PCB: printed board
4, printed circuit board: printed, circuit, board (PCB)
5, printed circuit board: printed, wiring, board (PWB)
6, printed components: printed component
7. Printed contact: printed contact
8. PCB assembly: printed, board, assembly
9: Board: Board
10 single-sided printed boards: single-sided, printed, board (SSB)
11, double sided printed board: double-sided, printed, board (DSB)
12, multilayer printed board: mulitlayer, printed, board (MLB)
13, multilayer printed circuit board: mulitlayer, printed, circuit, board
14, multilayer printed circuit board: mulitlayer, prited, wiring, board
15 rigid printed boards: rigid, printed, board
16, rigid single-sided printed boards: rigid, single-sided, printed, borad
17, rigid double-sided printed board: rigid, double-sided, printed, borad
18 rigid multilayer printed board: rigid, multilayer, printed, board
19 flexible multilayer printed board: flexible, multilayer, printed, board
20 flexible printed boards: flexible, printed, board
21 Flexible single-sided printed board: flexible, single-sided, printed, board
22, flexible double-sided printed board: flexible, double-sided, printed, board
23 flexible printed circuit: flexible, printed, circuit (FPC)
24 flexible printed wiring: flexible, printed, wiring
25 rigid printed boards: flex-rigid, printed, board, rigid-flex, printed, board
26, rigid double-sided printed board: flex-rigid, double-sided, printed, board, rigid-flex, double-sided, printed
27, rigid multilayer printed boards: flex-rigid multilayer, printed board, rigid-flex multilayer, printed, board
28, flush printed boards: flush, printed, board
29, metal core printed board: metal, core, printed, board
30, metal based printed board: metal, base, printed, board
31, multi wiring printed board: mulit-wiring, printed, board
32. Ceramic printed board: ceramic, substrate, printed, board
33, conductive offset printing plate: electroconductive, paste, printed, board
34, molded circuit board: molded, circuit, board
35, molded printed boards: stamped, printed, wiring, board
36, sequential lamination multilayer printed board: sequentially-laminated multilayer
37, loose printed circuit board: discrete, wiring, board
38, micro line printed board: micro, wire, board
39. Laminated printed boards: buile-up, printed, board
40, multilayer multilayer printed board: build-up, mulitlayer, printed, board (bum)
41. Laminated printed boards: build-up, flexible, printed, board
42, surface layer circuit board: surface, laminar, circuit (SLC)
43, buried convex block with printed boards: b2it, printed, board
44, multilayer substrate: multi-layered, film, substrate (MFS)
45, inter layer all internal transmission multilayer printed board: ALIVH, multilayer, printed, board
46, carry on chip board: chip on board (COB)
47, buried resistance board: buried resistance board
48, the motherboard: mother board49, daughter board board:
50, backplane: backplane
51, bare board: bare board
52 、 keyboard board: copper-Invar-copper board
53 、 dynamic flex board: dynamic, flex, board
54 、 static flex board: static, flex, board
55, you can break the puzzle board: break-away planel
56, cable: Cable
57 flexible flat cable: flexible, flat, cable (FFC)
58 、 film switch: membrane switch
59, mixed circuit: hybrid circuit
60, thick film: thick film
61, thick film circuit: thick, film, circuit
62, film: thin film
63, thin-film hybrid circuit: thin, film, hybrid, circuit
64. Interconnection: Interconnection
65 wires: conductor, trace, line
66, homogeneous wire: flush conductor
67, transmission line: transmission line
68 cross cross: crossover
69, plate side plug: edge-board contact
70 、 enhancement board: stiffener
71, substrate: substrate
72, substrate surface: Real Estate
73, wire surface: conductor side
74, components: component, side
75. Welding surface: solder side
76, printed: printing
77, mesh: Grid
78, graphics: pattern
79, conductive graphics: conductive pattern
80, non conductive graphics: non-conductive pattern
81, characters: Legend
82, signs: Mark
83, square flat package: QFP (Quad Flat Package)
84, lead plastic chip implant: PLCC (Plastic, Leaded, Chip, Carrier)
85, dual in-line package: DIP (Dual, In-line, Package)
86 single in-line package: SIP (Single, inline, Package)
87, small outline package: SOP (Small, Out-Line, Package)
88, J shaped lead small outline package: SOJ (Small, Out-Line, J-Leaded, Package)
89, board chip package: COB (Chip, on, Board)
90 flip chip: Flip-Chip
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