Radio and television equipment industry products

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Radio and television production, transmission and transmission equipment:
Audio program production and broadcast control equipment
(1) broadcast special recording and reproducing equipment (two), console (three), monitor unit (Group);
Two, audio-visual production and broadcast control equipment
(a) TV recording and broadcasting center equipment (two) news gathering equipment (three) special video recorder (four) video editing equipment (five) broadcast TV recording device (six) signal source (seven) video information processing device (eight) TV signal synchronization device (nine) TV picture text / creation system
Three. Broadcast transmitting equipment
(1) short wave transmitter (two), medium wave transmitter (three), frequency modulation transmitter (four), digital sound broadcasting transmitter (five), broadcast transmitting antenna and matching equipment
Four. Television and satellite television transmitting and rotating equipment
(1) television transmitter (two), television offset (three) ground antenna (four), television transmission, differential transmission equipment (five), satellite TV transmitting equipment (six), satellite TV differential equipment
Five 、 cable TV network transmission equipment
(1) cable television front-end equipment (two) fiber optic transmission equipment (three) cable transmission equipment;
Radio and television receiving equipment and equipment:
I. radio and television receiving equipment
(a) special projection TV (two) video monitor (three) broadcast receiving device (four) using radio receiving equipment of motor vehicles (five) satellite TV broadcasting receiving device (six) receiving antenna of satellite TV broadcasting (seven) satellite TV receiver tuner (eight) satellite broadcast television receiving machine (nine) the user terminal equipment (ten) cable television distribution system equipment (eleven) cable TV equipment
Two professional recording, recording and playback equipment
(1) audio power amplifying equipment (two), recording rebroadcast machine (three), special record player (four), voice language laboratory equipment
Three, video and playback equipment
(1) television disc reproducing equipment (two) tape type video recorder (three) visual and audio encoder
Four, radio and television reception equipment parts and accessories
(a) electronic audio amplifier (two) pickup head (three) (four) (microphone microphone microphone) (five) (six) wearing a receiver (seven) combined complete microphone - speaker (eight) other accessories (nine) antenna for professional use (ten) antenna (eleven) antenna (rotor generator twelve) mixer (thirteen) distributor (fourteen) splitter (fifteen) user box
The use of television equipment and other radio and television equipment:
Application TV equipment
General application television equipment (two) special environment application television monitoring equipment (three) special function application television equipment (four) special function application television equipment
Two, other radio and television equipment
(1) stereoscopic television equipment (two), multiplex broadcast equipment (three), large screen color display system (four), electronic display screen (five), touch screen
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