Home electronics

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TV set: 1. TV set
(1) colour TV set
1, 37CM 2, 44CM 3, 47CM 4, 49CM 5, 51CM 6, 53CM 7, 56CM 8, 64CM 9, 74CM, 74CM 10, and above
(two) projection TV receiver
1, rear projection TV 2, front projection TV
(three) PDP TV set;
(four) black and white TV set
1, 11CM 2, 14CM 3, 31CM 4, 35CM 5, 44CM 6, 44CM and above
(five) LCD TV set;
Photography, video recording, laser video player:
Video recorder
(1) video recorder (two), image recorder (three), home video recorder
Two. Register and digital laser sound, video disc player
(a) pocket machine (excluding monoplayer) (two) radio cassette player (including Boombox) (three) repeater (four) VCD (five) DVD player VCD video recorder (six) DVD (seven) DVD audio disc player DVD video recorder (eight) (nine) (CD-R including CD-R, DVD-R) (ten) rewritable disc recorder (ibid.)
Home audio electronic equipment:
I. home acoustics
(a) radio
1 pocket machines 2 and others
(two) combination acoustics
(three) MP3, MP4 player
(four) CD
(five) power amplifier
Two, home appliances mainly equipped with
(1) tuners
1, electronic tuner 2, mechanical tuner
(two) line output transformer;
(three) deflection coil
(four) recording and video movement;
1, recording movement 2, video cassette core 3, CD movement 4, VCD, DVD movement
(five) magnetic head
1, recording head 2, video head 3, hard disk drive head 4, floppy drive head 5, tape machine head 6, other heads
(six) optical head
1, playback head 2, put like bald head 3, ROM bald 4, burn bald 5, and other
(seven) antenna;
1, rod antenna 2, indoor antenna 3, and others
(eight) tape
1, audio tape 2, video tape
(nine) audio video
1, laser discs tablets (CD), 2 (VCD) 3 pieces of laser discs and laser discs tablets (DVD)
4, others
(ten) recording drum
(eleven) VCD and DVD switching power supply
(twelve) TV receiver set top box;
1, cable TV set top box 2, ground broadcast set-top box 3, satellite broadcast set-top box
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