Automatic steel net cleaning machine, copy board and chip de

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自动融变时限仪PCB抄板及仿制案例Automatic steel mesh cleaning machine copy board and chip decryption Kemaolong as a powerful reverse Research Corporation Technologies, has long been engaged in the PCB copy board, reverse analysis, chip decryption, prototype imitation cloning, prototype production, prototype debugging work in the field, the successful completion of many projects in medical equipment, mechanical equipment, automation equipment, radio and television equipment, communication equipment, instrumentation equipment, environmental protection equipment, printing equipment, household appliances, communications equipment and other fields, won the praise of customers. Semi automatic biochemical analyzer is a successful case in the field of automation equipment in Shengshi technology. Technical parameter:
Voltage component: AIR TAC
Automatic filtering: carbon rod type activated carbon filter 10 "-1 & 10" -10
Blowing function: wind cut
The largest steel plate size D * W * H (mm): 850 x 850 x 50 mm3
Cleaning tank size D * W * H (mm): 950 * 950 * 300 mm3
Appearance size D * W * H (mm): 1100 * 1400 * 1300 mm3
Weight: 250 Kg
Air pressure: 6Kg cm2
Exhaust caliber: 3 "(7.62cm)
Air pressure pump: 1"
Exhaust hole: 76 (3)
Gas consumption: 1500 m3/min (NL)
Cleaning time: 8~15 minutes
Product features:
The whole body adopts pneumatic control system structure.
Safety problems will not arise from solvent use.
Fully automatic cleaning and drying only 9 minutes.
With two groups of multi section automatic filter recovery solvent function.
It can filter the tin stains and FLUX to ensure the cleaning function of the cleaning agent.
Suitable for high volatile solvents such as IPA, acetone and MEK.
The whole body is assembled with 304 stainless steel, and never leak or corrode.
Easy to operate and easy to maintain.
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