Spring tension and compression test machine

source:Kemaolong electron time:2017-05-15 23:06
Kemaolong as a powerful reverse Research Corporation Technologies, has long been engaged in the PCB copy board, reverse analysis, chip decryption, prototype imitation cloning, prototype production, prototype debugging work in the field, th自动融变时限仪PCB抄板及仿制案例e successful completion of many projects in medical equipment, mechanical equipment, automation equipment, radio equipment, communication equipment, instrumentation equipment, environmental protection equipment, printing equipment, household appliances, communications equipment and other fields, won the praise of customers. Semi automatic biochemical analyzer is a successful case in the field of automation equipment in Shengshi technology. An explicit automatic spring tension and compression testing machine is one of the most successful cases un10nsky copy board, specializing in the research of reverse technology, has successfully completed thousands of sets of instrument engineering technology imitation, no limit, no generic end point ", un10nsky imitation project will continue, with fully automatic dual explicit spring tension and compression testing machine as an example, it mainly introduced the use of the following properties:
An explicit automatic spring tension and compression testing machine mainly uses this machine based on the spring tension and compression testing machine technical requirements of standards for surface. The utility model is mainly used for testing the mechanical performance and indexes of various helical springs. Features: use numerical control motor loading and control, can realize double speed preset. High speed approximation and low speed acquisition are realized. The test accuracy is improved, and the test efficiency is guaranteed. Import advanced large-scale circuits for circuit design, the use of computer control. LED display, man-machine dialogue intuitive and clear.
Manual hand calibration can be achieved by using electronic handwheel. F-P, H-P, P-H and other modes of automatic testing, you can set the return height, the test automatically returned after completion. With 5 point test, test print rigidity, initial tension and so on. With the host computer communication interface (RS232). CNC motor drag force and ball screw drive can realize efficient and high-precision test of spiral spring. An explicit automatic spring tension and compression testing machine mainly uses: TLS-S series automatic dual explicit spring tension and compression testing machine is a new generation of spring testing instruments, this series uses the speed control technology, realize the high-speed approximation test point, the state of low speed testing, ensure the test efficiency.
Test force of gear measurement, expand the test range, the machine can automatic transmission test 9 test points, and automatically return to the initial position; can be stored in 6 different types of documents, load displacement sensor for automatic correction; it also has a peak, overload protection, displacement and stress test of arbitrary zero data stiffness calculation, data query, print and other functions. Therefore, it is suitable for testing various kinds of precision tension and compression coil springs and testing of brittle materials, which can replace the imported products of the same type.
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