Special equipment products for electronic industry

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Special equipment for electronic industry:
Semiconductor devices and integrated circuit specific equipment
(a) semiconductor material preparation, epitaxy and chemical mechanical polishing (two) exposure, etching and coating and developing device (three) diffusion, ion implantation and rapid thermal processing equipment (four), physical vapor deposition and chemical copper plating equipment (five) after assembling and packaging production equipment (six) online detection technology equipment (seven) intermediate and finished product testing equipment (eight) other
Two 、 special equipment for electric vacuum device
(1) electron tube production equipment (two), electric light source production equipment (three), liquid crystal display device production equipment (four), vacuum switch tube production equipment (five), picture tube and electronic gun production equipment (six), others
Three, electronic components dedicated equipment
(a) resistor, potentiometer production equipment (two) capacitor production equipment (three) ceramic components production equipment (four) magnetic materials and components production equipment (five) printed circuit board production equipment (six) cable production equipment (seven) production equipment of sensitive components and sensors (eight) frequency components (nine) production equipment green battery production equipment (ten) other
Four 、 electronic complete assembly equipment
(1) automatic insert machine (two) automatic placement machine (three) assembly line (four) wave crest welding, reflow soldering equipment (five), surface mount printing equipment (six), others
Six 、 electronic general equipment
(a) vacuum equipment (two) ultrasonic equipment (three) precision welding equipment (four) drying equipment (five) air conditioning equipment (six) plastic processing equipment (seven) electric processing equipment (eight) pressure processing equipment (nine) precision electronic screen printing equipment (ten) anti-static products (eleven) cleaning other equipment (twelve)
Die and gear for electronic industry:
Mould and gear for electronic industry
(two) mould base (three), die standard parts (four), pneumatic tools (five), power tools (six), welding tools
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