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电子连续分液器专业抄板解密At present, PCB has successfully cloned this series of products, and on this basis, the two development, to achieve the upgrading and expansion of product functions. Many products have been put on the market, and achieved good economic results. The above cited an example for a brief explanation. We hereby transfer our complete technical information to foreign countries:
Nitrogen adsorption, specific surface analyzer, performance parameter
Test method: BET method of surface (multi point and single point analysis) analysis, Langmuir surface area, black surface analysis, the average particle size estimation, direct comparison analysis method of nitrogen adsorption surface, continuous flow method, sample adsorption constant C determination
Test function: F-Sorb intelligent test mode, unmanned intervention, automatic testing, eliminate human error, and improve test accuracy
Measuring range: 0.01 (m /g) -- to no upper limit (surface area)
Flow control: F-Sorb original technology, micro stepper motor flow control system, to achieve precise flow adjustment, and truly realize the flow control automation
Quantitative calibration: F-Sorb type quantitative pipe stripping system, software automatic control to realize quantitative pipe gas path switching, without manual manipulation of quantitative on-off valve, to improve the quantitative calibration accuracy and automation
Control system: a unique centralized multi-function control system, which can realize the automation and intelligence of the testing process. No manual intervention is needed during the test, and the instrument can automatically execute the test
The number of samples: 4 samples of adsorption and desorption or determination, sample testing system and sample processing system independent of each other, and sample processing and test samples can be carried out at the same time, to avoid the test pipeline pollution, so as to further ensure the test precision and improve the service life of the instrument
Test pressure: carried out at atmospheric pressure without vacuuming, which facilitates rapid analysis of specific surfaces
Precision test: the repeatability of measurement error is less than 1.5%
Sample type: powder, particle, fiber and sheet material, etc., suitable for almost all samples, than surface analysis, wide range of applications
Test gas: carrier gas is pure He gas (99.99%), the adsorbate is pure N2 (99.99%) or other (on-demand, such as Ar, Kr)
Line seal: stainless steel pipe with high vacuum system, high sealing performance, effectively prevent the surface analysis error caused by the osmotic gas molecules; at the same time, stainless steel tube does not exist the problem of aging, improve equipment stability and service life
Test time: each sample per P/P0 of adsorption and desorption of the average time was 5 minutes (as the change of the sample adsorption characteristics of four samples analysis), the average time of 20 minutes (at the same time can be measured in a sample of four), the specific surface area of the obtained automatically by the software in real time
Data acquisition: high precision and high integration data acquisition and processing chip, small error, strong anti-interference ability
Data processing: BET single point and multi point linear fitting chart, report graphical data analysis results, according to the results English format selection. At the same time the statements need to analysis and data processing, the detection results of real-time display, with automatic operation records and data with the test results file

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